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Amazon Music on Android and iOS now comes with a “car mode”

The new Car Mode on Amazon Music uses a simpler interface with bigger text, custom presets, simplified buttons, and more.

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Amazon Music gets a new car mode feature to reduce distractions while driving with a streamlined user interface with bigger text, streamlined controls, and more.

Amazon Music gets a dedicated car mode

According to Committed, Car Mode focuses more on swiping than touching to help drivers navigate the app with minimal distraction. It also puts more emphasis on voice control through Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant.

When the app detects a Bluetooth connection with a car, it switches to a simplified interface. The application operates predefined playlists, stations and albums, which can be personalized. Amazon says this should cut down on long browsing times.

If you have an older vehicle without Bluetooth, you can manually turn on car mode in the app settings. From there, you can also ask Amazon Music to prevent your phone from accessing the lock screen in car mode.

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You’ll find your reading controls on the top half of the interface while the bottom half is for suggestions that you can easily browse. In car mode, Alexa can be triggered by pressing a dedicated button located in the lower right corner or by using a voice command such as “Hey Alexa, play Queen” or similar.

Car Mode is now available in the latest version of the Amazon Music mobile app for Apple iOS and Google Android software, on all Amazon Music subscription levels.

Similar to Spotify’s Clean Car Mode

If the feature looks like an in-car mode similar to Spotify’s mobile app in 2019, that’s because it’s — both apps rely on a streamlined user interface to promote safe driving.

Of course, this feature probably won’t matter much to people who already use Google’s Android Auto or Apple’s CarPlay infotainment software. Google Auto and CarPlay are both well optimized for distraction-free driving and support popular third-party music streaming services.


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