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Amazon Music Now Has Synced Podcast Transcriptions

While podcasts are primarily meant to be listened to (some while doing other things), there are also those who would like to read the content discussed in an episode while they listen to it. There are those who offer audio transcriptions but now Amazon brings something better to podcasts published on Amazon Music. Synced podcast transcripts are automatically generated text that accompanies audio and can be used similarly to video chapters on YouTube.

The function synchronizes the audio and automatically generated text with each other so that listeners can not only read while listening, but also easily jump to a specific part of the podcast. The latter is for those times when you can’t listen to an entire episode but you need to listen to a specific part that interests you or that you need. It works as if you were browsing a video using thumbnail previews or the video chapters that YouTube recently introduced.

Amazon says the feature will allow listeners to jump to a specific point in the episode by scrolling through the transcript and tapping where they want to go forward or back. Playback will resume in that specific sentence of the transcript that they press, which should make it easier to navigate through an episode. And of course, having something to read can be an option for those who prefer that rather than listening to an entire episode.

Synced podcast transcripts will not yet be available for all podcasts on Amazon Music. It will first appear on some Amazon Original and Wondery shows such as SmartLess, Dr. Death, and Uncommon Ground With Van Jones, as well as some shows from American Public Media, audiochuck, Cadence13, The New York Times, Stitcher, and TED. Hopefully they will be available for more shows in the future.

Podcasts on Amazon Music are available for free in the US, UK, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, India, Australia, and New Zealand. -Zeeland. While Spotify and Apple are the market leaders, those who want an alternative or those in the Amazon ecosystem have that option as well.

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