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Amazon Music Launches Stylish Showroom To Celebrate Lucky Daye, Flo Milli & More

Courtesy of Jason Rodgers

In the past, getting merchandise designed to celebrate your favorite musical artists only happened when you caught them on tour. Fortunately, times have moved on and artists have created their own websites to drop off fan products more frequently. However, tours are still the mecca for finding the most exclusive items, but what Amazon Music has created is the first of its kind. The Showroom offers products not just for one artist, but for three, and each capsule collection is designed by an emerging streetwear designer – it’s a true meeting of minds between the next generation of musicians and designers.

Amazon Music partnered with HYPEBEAST to execute the innovative concept and together they produced capsule collections for Lucky Daye, Fousheé and Flo Milli. “Collections created by artists and designers aren’t just beautiful pieces, they’re the latest way Amazon Music makes it easier than ever for artists to build their businesses and realize their visions,” said Sean McMullan, Director of the artist. Products and Services for Amazon Music in a press release.

Lucky Daye has teamed up with Los Angeles-based designer Jordin Blair to create the “I’m Lucky To Meet You” collection. The clothes in this capsule capture the essence of Daye and her feel-good music with earth tones and floral designs on t-shirts, jackets, shorts and button-down shirts. Blair said in a press release, “I imagined creating pieces that make people feel good and express their individuality. We all need luck sometimes, and I hope this collection can spread that mindset to anyone who needs it.

Flo Milli has worked with Katie McIntyre, who has worked on musical illustrations and merchandise for Cardi B, Normani, Nicki Minaj and more. McIntyre took inspiration from Flo Milli’s 2021 single “Roaring 20s” to create the “Modern Opulence” collection, which includes hoodies, t-shirts, shorts and sweatpants. “The constant throughout this collection is the rise of Flo Milli as an exemplary female character in the modern age of music and culture,” says McIntyre.

Fousheé and Los Angeles-based 3D designer Cameron Galley have teamed up to bring us the “Time Machine” collection. The groovy flip phone graphics and cell phone symbols are nostalgic for the ’90s and reflect the personal style of the R&B singer. In the stylish capsule there are rugby polos, t-shirts, hats and more – this is the perfect collection for those who love Y2K-inspired yarns.

The Amazon Music Showroom is available now on the Amazon Music app on participating artist pages, side by side with their songs, albums, live streams, and music videos.

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