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Amazon Music launches ‘DJ Mode’ radio featuring Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish is the first artist to run a DJ-mode station called The Billie Eilish Takeover, a limited-time station that will feature stories and commentary from Eilish on his musical influences and the creation of his upcoming second album, Happier than ever.

“I’m excited to launch The Billie Eilish Takeover with Amazon Music, where I’ll share the stories and details behind my favorite songs, my new music, as well as music from the artists who inspire me,” Eilish said in a statement to Billboard.

Los Angeles-based radio personality DJ Letty will host Rap Rotation Radio in DJ mode, Country Heat in DJ mode will be hosted by Kelly Sutton, Emmy winner and radio personality, and Karen Wild, Senior Curator of Amazon Music for the pop, kids and vacation genres will be at the helm of All Hits in DJ mode. (Wild also developed the All Hits playlist for the service.)

Amazon Music says its listeners ask Alexa “hundreds of thousands of questions a day” looking for more details about the music they’re listening to, and DJ Mode can proactively answer those questions for users who decide to use the feature. DJ mode will have its own dedicated section in the Amazon Music app and all stations will continue to be available without DJ mode.

“It’s clear that people are thirsty to know more about the music they listen to, and we’ve seen this opportunity in the station environment to give the best of both worlds, the best of the things you love to. About FM radio – the personality, the information that goes with the music – and at the same time, all the best parts of streaming, ”said Steve Boom, vice president of Amazon Music Billboard in an interview. “We’re merging the concept of a playlist and a station,” Boom says.

Amazon Music has launched a slew of innovative new features as it seeks to differentiate itself from the music streaming service pack, adding live streaming from Twitch, in-app merchandise sales and podcasts over the past year. year. Boom says that DJ Mode was created in part as an extension of X-Ray, a popular feature of Amazon Music that provides song information, trivia, and related content that made its way to the Music app in last September after years of success on the Kindle and in First Video.

“I love to stream music, that’s obviously my business,” Boom says, “But that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved by adding more personality and stuff than just playlists. We strategically say that the future of music streaming services isn’t all about “Hey, give me a playlist of songs.” It’s about making people more deeply connected to music, more deeply connected to the artists they love, and turning those listeners into fans.

“I grew up with vinyl, so you felt more connected because you had liner notes and all that stuff,” Boom continues. “X-Ray and our visual applications are an attempt to bring this concept into the 21st century. It’s our way of taking what you get from internet radio and FM radio in the 21st century and come up with something totally new. Boom says new content is being produced daily for DJ mode and that Amazon Music will increase the number of DJ mode stations throughout the year.

Amazon says DJ mode is now available to Amazon Music subscribers in the United States through the Amazon Music apps on iOS, Android, and Fire TV, as well as through Alexa and Echo devices. You can get a Amazon Music free trial here.

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