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Amazon Music and Disney Plus have teamed up for a great streaming offer

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At this point, it looks like you are subscribing to dozens of streaming services. But instead of canceling one or two (or five), it’s best to look for bundles and savings that allow you to keep all of your viewing and listening options.

A bundle discount that we currently love: Sign up for Amazon Music Unlimited and you’ll get six months of Disney + free.

While some people have deep preferences for their music streaming, I’ve found Amazon’s service to be as good as Spotify or Apple Music (or, for you monsters, Deezer) if you just want a large catalog of music. . And as a Prime member, I can get it for $ 7.99 / month, which is a few dollars cheaper than most of the other competitors.

And what’s not to love about Disney +? If you have kids, you already know that. If you don’t … you get Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar movies and shows. It’s also $ 7.99 per month on its own.

Grouped? During the first six months, it is a total from $ 7.99 per month, or basically 2-for-1. And you can cancel at any time, although the best deal is limited to new Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers (there is a smaller offer for old subscribers; if you already have Disney + you are unfortunately not eligible, although if you cancel and subscribe under another email… we won’t tell).

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