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Amazon Music acquires podcast platform ART19

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Amazon Music has announced the acquisition of podcast hosting and monetization platform ART19.

In a short statement posted on its website, Amazon Music described its latest acquisition as a platform for users to “manage, distribute, analyze and monetize their work.”

The company adds that it’s “thrilled” to have the platform as part of Amazon.

ART19 released its own brief statement on its official website, stating that the platform looks forward to “giving even more podcast creators the solutions they need” with the help of Amazon Music.

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Buyout of Amazon Music: what is ART19?

Amazon Music’s latest acquisition was first launched in 2015 by co-founders Sean Carr and Matt Belknap. ART19 focuses on a term the company calls “Audiotonomy”. This means ART19 believes that podcast creators and advertisers deserve and should have full control of their audio experiences.

The platform offers its podcast publishers a platform where they can manage both content and ad operations. On the other hand, advertisers have smart targeting tools and the ability to produce personalized audio messages to reach their target audience.

The company also offers ART19 Media, which helps podcast creators produce, market, and earn revenue from their content.

How ART19 works

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(Photo: George Milton of Pexels)

A user can start the process of starting a podcast by creating content using ART19 Media. The full-service offering helps creators come up with a podcast idea, brainstorm, produce, and even launch talent. It also offers listener insights to help podcast publishers produce content that audiences want to listen to.

ART19 allows publishers to cross-promote their podcasts and even customize their RSS feeds. Users can also increase their revenue with native ads and even earn more through the platform’s targeted market.

One of the important tools offered by ART19 is the WarpFeed. The ad-related tool allows podcast creators to tailor ads in their content based on what their audience finds relevant.

Amazon Podcast Ventures

Amazon Music’s acquisition of ART19 is the company’s latest venture into the podcasting industry. The tech giant only started offering podcasts last year through Apple Music, which launched its podcast services in September, and Audible, which started a month later.

According to a report by The Verge, the company then acquired Wondery, a then-independent podcast network and creator of the “Dirty John” true crime podcast. The Verge sees Amazon’s latest acquisition as the company playing a “fuller role” in podcasting, as ART19 allows Amazon to host podcasts and sell ads.

The Verge compares Amazon’s latest steps in podcasting to those of its competitor, Spotify. The streaming platform has acquired podcast-related platforms and companies such as Gimlet, Parcast and even ART19’s own rival Megaphone. It recently acquired podcast platform Podz to help its users discover podcasts more easily.

Facebook, another tech company, also recently joined the podcasting industry by launching its own tool on June 22.

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