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African-American singer (Sarah Palafox / La Morena) causes racial frenzy with her Mexican vocals / WATCH

* African-American singer Sarah palafox, which also occurs under the name Sarah La Morena, raises her eyebrows these days every time she opens her mouth to sing.

What amazes almost everyone is that the 23-year-old black woman sings regional Mexican music, with a perfect accent of Zacatecan, which is generic to one of Mexico’s 32 states: Zacatecas.

Her voice is so pure and authentic that she is compared to Mexican-American divas and legends, the late Jenni Rivera and the late Selena.

Singing with such a unique and beautiful voice, with an authentic Mexican accent, you would think that she would be praised by African Americans and Mexicans. Yet, for the most part, she has been subjected to individuals of both ethnicities who criticize her because of her race and her love of Mexican music.

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Nonetheless, Sarah has her fair share of fans. Her singing has earned her over 500,000 views on Instagram and 200,000 on Twitter. So curious minds want to know how it all started?

Sarah was born in California but was placed with a foster family. A Mexican couple eventually adopted her and moved to Zacatecas, in central Mexico, where Sarah grew up. Zacatecas is located almost 1,700 miles from the southernmost part of California.

In high school, Sarah and her parents returned to California, where she faced the duo’s contempt from blacks and Mexicans. Black people thought she was being sold to their race because Sarah chose to speak and sing in Spanish. In other words, they accused Sarah of giving her up being black.

Latinos felt that she was not really a part of their heritage, even though she had a beautiful voice that effortlessly allowed authentic Mexican songs to flow with perfect annunciation. Many Latinos relentlessly hurled racist slurs and culturally insensitive comments at him. The crossfire of verbal attacks depressed Sarah, where she considered committing suicide a few years ago.

Sarah, however, persevered. She is now working on new music after signing a deal with Los Angeles-based Silent Giant Entertainment.

“Sarah takes authenticity to a whole new level,” Alexander Jose Granadilla, professor of Chicano studies at California State University, told an Associated Press reporter. “Not only is her Spanish better than most Latinos, but she identifies with a town in Zacatecas, Mexico. She’s Mexican and that music is hers.

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