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French-American singer Primrose Fernetise releases a powerful cover of Arabic Kuthu Halamithi Habibo

Kuthu Halamithi Habibo Arabic Female Version Cover by Primrose Fernetise Cover of María by Ricky Martin by Primrose Fernetise Girlfriends of Aya Nakamura cover by Primrose Fernetise Primrose Fernetise is taking the world by storm. With her euphonic voice, she puts everything on the line in her latest single, a cover of “Arabic Kuthu”. Primrose’s […]

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Buffalo shooter live on Twitch to YouTube videos – Pro-Guns Extremism Online

It is an ecosystem rich in potential recruits for extremist groups exploiting the often blurred line separating mainstream support for a constitutional right from militant anti-government movements that champion racism and violence. The young man in jeans and sunglasses proudly shows off his gun in the YouTube video, then instructs his 1 million subscribers on […]

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Google ordered to pay Australian politician for defamatory YouTube videos

The American technological multinational Google has been ordered to pay 715,000 Australian dollars to a former Australian politician. The court delivered its judgment after Google refused to remove the politician’s defamatory videos from YouTube. The former politician claimed that because of these fake and misleading videos about him on YouTube, he was forced out of […]

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How Car Dealerships Can Create Great YouTube Videos

He sure didn’t win any honors at the advertising industry’s Clio Awards. An Ohio car dealership used his phone to record an impromptu vehicle visit to his sales pitch. He then uploaded it to YouTube. The production value was poor. Audio was distorted by wind noise. “It was terrible quality,” recalls Angie Cucco, senior automotive […]