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Steven R. Gerber – A digital concert featuring the late American composer, FREE to watch from February 26, 2021

Composer, Steven R. Gerber (photo © Robin Holland) Emily Davis, violin The English Symphony Orchestra has been busy recording a season of social-distanced digital concerts during the lockdown One of a series of “Portraits of Composers” recorded by the English Symphony Orchestra and their American conductor, Kenneth Woods We are determined to focus during this […]

Youtube videos

YouTube videos showing abuse against monkeys criticized by PETA, Action for Primates

A disturbing video trend has been criticized by animal rights activists as footage shows monkeys being abused. WARNING: Graphic, scary. WARNING: Graphic, scary. Baby monkeys are tortured, exploited and even killed in a wave of cruel YouTube videos. Animal rights activists have slammed the social media giant for continuing to host disturbing clips that appear […]

Youtube videos

Cannabis vaping YouTube videos lack warnings and age limits

More potent cannabis combined with a “new method of administration” is presented to children online. Researchers warn that YouTube videos depicting a particular type of cannabis use sell the potentially dangerous idea to young viewers who think it’s cool and trendy. “Unlimited access to the large volume of YouTube videos describing cannabis vaping as fun […]