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African-American singer (Sarah Palafox / La Morena) causes racial frenzy with her Mexican vocals / WATCH

* African-American singer Sarah palafox, which also occurs under the name Sarah La Morena, raises her eyebrows these days every time she opens her mouth to sing. What amazes almost everyone is that the 23-year-old black woman sings regional Mexican music, with a perfect accent of Zacatecan, which is generic to one of Mexico’s 32 […]

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Rudy Giuliani pushes cigars and gold coins in absurd YouTube videos

As Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani knows many of the president’s darkest secrets, with a level of security clearance that only a privileged few (Trump’s son-in-law) are granted. But he’s also a dripping huckster who gets tricked by Borat, gives press conferences next to a sex shop, and now sells cigars and gold coins […]