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12 best WV YouTube videos found this week: November 5

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – There’s a lot of great content to be found on YouTube. Here’s a look at 12 videos, related to West Virginia, that our team found this week:

1. Halloween was a big part of last week, and few things could be scarier in West Virginia than spending a night inside the former Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. If you’re too hot to do it on your own, you can just watch this guy’s experience:

2. There are many equally spooky stories on the way to Point Pleasant, home of the Mothman and the collapse of the Silver Bridge. Check all this courtesy of The real Appalachians:

3. Earlier this year, travel blogger Mark Wolters posted a video on the things a person visiting West Virginia shouldn’t do. You can check out his tips below:

4. So, did Mark understand his advice for visitors to Mountain State? A true West Virginia fact verifies it below:

5. Regarding visitors, Matthew Wurnig’s mission is to go to a date in all 50 states. For her 36th date, Wurnig and a sweet young lady visited the Morgantown area. You can follow along without feeling like a third wheel:

6. Wurnig seemed to be enjoying his time in West Virginia. Maybe a move is necessary? Below is a sample of what a home buying budget can do for you in three of our largest cities:

7. A few weeks ago plans were announced for a new condo complex along the Mon River in Fairmont. Now you can take a video tour of what the finished product is supposed to look like:

8. There was sad news this week when we learned of the passing of former Clarksburg boxing champion and police officer Tommy Thomas.

9. Here’s a look back at Thomas in his prime, reflecting on his 1981 fight against Jimmy Young:

10. To keep the story going, this video is short but very informative. Most West Virginia is quite familiar with the state flag, but apparently it hasn’t always looked what it is today.

11. The tradition is not as old as the current version of the state flag, but the beard growth contest has been a part of West Virginia University Mountaineers Week for many years. Find out how this year’s contestants rank:

12. Buckwheat pancakes are another fall tradition in West Virginia. Here’s how to create your own: