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10 classic “Fred” YouTube videos that we are very nostalgic about

In the mid-2000s, Fred Figglehorn conquered the world of YouTube with his quirky personality and chaotic episodes that he shared with his fans about his life as a perpetual five-year-old child. For years, Fred, played by teenager Lucas Cruikshank, was on YouTubers’ screens as they followed his adventures in the dentist, hotel rooms, and more.

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Although Fred’s infectious voice and laugh is no longer active on the internet, viewers can still watch all of his clips on his YouTube channel. Many of his videos brought in iconic quotes and scenes that are still talked about today, and the series is nothing less than a nostalgic journey to the easier times of the 2000s.

ten Fred is going for a swim

Fred Figglehorn will swim on YouTube.

After receiving a note from a stranger, Fred texts Judy to come and spend some time at his swimming pool. Fred introduces his viewers to his “very large swimming pool” at home, which ends up being a children’s pool that can only suit him.

In his t-shirt and swimsuits, he dives into his pool only to be disappointed with the water temperature, the size of the pool itself, and is then mocked by Judy and Kevin. Kevin also tells Fred to stop asking Judy to go out even though she is “single”.

9 Fred goes to the dentist

Fred goes to the dentist after a chaotic brushing of his own teeth. Viewers then see Fred with cotton balls in his mouth crying, stating that he cannot feel his cheeks and his face is numb.

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It is revealed that he had a cavity that required work, which bothers Fred as he only started brushing his teeth the week before the appointment. He ends up seeing Judy at the dentist who laughed at him for his interaction with the nurse.

8 Fred sneaks into Judy’s party

Fred Figglehorn sneaks into Judy's YouTube party.

Judy throws her annual boys and girls party and kicks Fred off the list. He decides to sneak in his party “Tropical Paradise Under the Sun” to be able to laugh at the limp.

Black eyes and carrying an umbrella, he opens the door and walks into Judy’s house to be kicked out by Kevin and Judy. In revenge, Fred leaves all of his sinks on as he leaves the house. Although at first he was satisfied, Fred still feels left out and wonders why he is never included in anything with this group of children.

7 Fred gets a haircut

Fred’s mom drops him off for a haircut after the school checks all the students for lice so he can have his hair cut. This leads to a montage of Fred broken down in the barbershop before sitting down for the haircut until a client walks in mistaking him for the barber.

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Fred ends up cutting off a man’s hair and shaving most of it, even though it was supposed to be a “haircut”. Luckily for Fred, the customer loves the fit and is starting a new trend for other customers.

6 Fred loses his meds

After losing his pills which make him “function like a human being”, Fred begins to act in different ways, for example drawing inappropriate pictures at school, walking outside during a major thunderstorm and searching Kevin’s house. .

He begins to panic about his meds and begins to fear that he will soon be put into a straitjacket if he cannot find his pills. In a frantic search around his room, Fred learns that his mother had them all day, because she took them for her pills.

5 Fred gets bullied

"Fred gets bullied" Thumbnail of the YouTube video.

After “Fred Loses His Meds”, Fred confesses that Kevin is very upset that he abandoned his house and that he confronted him at a gym class only to end up for a fight at 5 pm, a class in which Judy to be present.

He debates going into battle and discusses Kevin’s antics, like stealing his lunch every day and leaving him hungry. Fred ends up meeting Kevin on the porch for a fight in which he ends up getting hit a lot, but a rabid cat bites Kevin in the middle of the fight, leaving him to lather in his mouth.

4 Fred stalks judy

A sassy photoshoot causes Fred to want to share the photos with Judy. When she doesn’t respond, he discovers the front door is unlocked and walks into her house where he peeks into her bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

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After reading a love note to Kevin from Judy, Fred gets angry and decides it’s time to go because he’s a “stalker”, but it’s too late because he’s caught by Judy. She is chasing him home and is already having issues with her mother, who spoke with Judy’s mother on the phone.

3 Fred gets babysat

Fred’s mother hires a babysitter for him while he is away, frustrating Fred who feels “being treated like a child” as his sixth birthday approaches. He does his best to drive the babysitter crazy, including peeing on the floor and making her react.

She tells Fred to go to bed at 10:10 p.m., which leads her to create a piano song about how he doesn’t like her. The babysitter tells his mother how mean he was to her and threatens to take Fred’s camera as punishment.

2 Fred gets detention

Fred has to walk nine blocks to get to school because his mother doesn’t want to take him, which earns him detention for the number of times he’s been late. This upsets Fred since his teacher told him it would affect his future plans to become a pediatrician.

After debating putting a bird in his teacher’s house, he calls her out, which fails due to the way her voice is heard on the phone. Fred is nervous about ending up being kicked out after all of his “bad” behavior.

1 Fred goes to the park

Viewers find out that Fred has snuck out of his house to hang out at the park and see the neighborhood dog he named Sparky. He finds a baby in a stroller all by himself, followed by a set of toy guns that he stops playing because he knows he will have a lot of problems with his mother.

To prove he’s a “cool kid”, Fred attempts to go on the zipline in the park, which ends up breaking the zipline and having heartburn. This video contains the famous “screaming hurts my ears” quote.

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